Demo Update 2.0 - New Art, Scenes, Music...etc.

Hey  everyone! 

At long last, the update to the public demo is here! The purpose of this update is mainly to add in content for Jori and Sebastien, who were originally side characters and treated as such in the  previous demo, but since they've become full-fledged love interests with their own routes thanks to Kickstarter stretch goals being met, they deserve a lot more attention in the demo.  Other improvements have been made to the demo to add polish to the overall thing.

Warning: Please do not use old saves you had from the original demo! Due to all the changes, if you try to load an old save, it might result in a game error.

Some sneak peeks of the new stuff in the demo:

Whether you've played the original demo, consider downloading and trying the new version!  

Anyway, for those who are interested, the following will be a detailed-ish changelog of what's new in the new demo: 

  • New choices and scenes: Jori and Sebastien both get new branched choice scenes to account for their new status as love interests, so a lot more screen time for Jori and Sebastien overall.   The total word count of the demo is now 50k, compared to 35k previously.
  • Heavy rewrites and improvements to the script:  Lots of changes made, particularly to Chapter 1 and first half of Chapter 3.
  • New character art: More sprites everywhere!  A few silhouette side characters have proper sprites now, and some are brand new side characters  being introduced in the new demo, including the 3 Kickstarter backer custom side characters!
  • New CG in Chapter 1: A fancy CG added to the opening scene in Chapter 1 to really drive Rae's near-death experience home.
  • New background art: A couple of new locations have been introduced in the demo  with corresponding background art.
  • New music: A few of the new batch of background music have been included in the new demo.
  • Quality of life addition to the UI: Due to some previous comments about confusion on how to close the book menu after saving / changing settings, a pop-up box will now show the first time you open the book menu, which tells you how to close the book.  Some other minor changes to the UI to fix some weird interactions.

The only part of the demo that wasn't really added to is the voice acting. This is because the voice actors will be recording in studio at the end of the script finalization, so until then, I won't have any new voice lines to play with. Please forgive any repetitiveness of voice lines in the updated demo! As these voice lines would all be replaced anyway by the studio recording session, I only asked the voice actors to record a handful of lines for demo purposes from their home setup. I promise that in the full game, there'll be a much larger variety of words, phrases and sounds for each main character.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any bugs you've noticed or if you have any questions. I would really appreciate if you leave any feedback you have in the page comments after playing! 

Thank you!


Reanimation Scheme - Updated Demo (Windows) 268 MB
Jul 02, 2020
Reanimation Scheme - Updated Demo (Mac) 267 MB
Jul 02, 2020
Reanimation Scheme - Updated Demo (Linux) 271 MB
Jul 03, 2020

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It was so wonderful seeing all the new side characters in the updated demo! They were all so colorful and lovely! I also gained a lot of new insight on the old LIs, while also revising my opinion on some of the newer ones (yes, this is about Jori, lol—happy, go-lucky guys aren't usually my type, but I ended up enjoying his side of the common route). I also loved the more blatant hints teasing Raenelle's past (I'm sooooo curious!). Aldrias is still my favorite character, and surprise surprise, I wanted to defend him when Casseia and Nanett were talking about him behind his back, haha. (I get why they were annoyed, but hey, that's my airheaded bookworm you're criticizing 😂. They're both so beautiful, though, and I especially love Casseia!)

Feel free to ignore this next part if you're not interested in copyedits at this point, but here are the writing errors I found in the dialogue/description box whilst playing the demo:

It should be, I thought I could hear him mutter my name under his breath, but his voice is so low... ["Is" is missing.]

It should be, You don't want your jokes to be heard by someone who takes it the wrong way and gets back to Mister Kevatos. [It should be "gets" plural, not "get" singular.]

It should be, Sebastien eyes me in exasperation but hurries out of the room without another word. [It should be "word" singular, not "words" plural.]

That's it! Again, if copyediting doesn't matter at this point, I totally understand! I just wanted to point these errors out, since I noticed them. 

I can't wait to see how the rest of the game pans out, and thank you all for your hard work. <3 Best of luck and health. 


Hi there! 

Thank you so much for playing the new demo and taking the time to leave a comment! :D I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it overall! Jori has definitely been the most controversial love interest by far, surprisingly. I'm glad that the new update changed your opinion a little about him! I promise his route has exciting things in store too ;)  

Thanks so much for pointing out the mistakes I missed in the demo! I'll definitely get around to applying the fixes for these textual errors as soon as possible. I appreciate it very much! Sometimes I make last minute edits to the script as I'm running through the game to test for visual errors, and then I end up creating issues in the text without noticing because I'm in a rush, haha.

Thank you again, and please take care! :)

I look forward to his route then, haha! :D And no problem—I'm glad I was able to help, and there's no shame in last minute edits! :) 

I wish you the best in luck and health. <3 Thanks for the lovely reply!