Aldrias' Route Beta + Demo Update 3.0

Hello! It's been a while since I've updated with a devlog, but I'm here with some good news! 

I'm happy to announce that the beta build for Aldrias' full route in Reanimation Scheme is now ready! It has over 100k words of content, 5 pretty CG illustrations with Aldrias, and 8 possible endings!

Kickstarter backers of USD50 tier and above should have received a message from me containing a link to the game files for download. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign but would like to play Aldrias' route early, the beta build is also available on Patreon for supporters of the USD30 tier!

Come romance your cute red-headed childhood best friend and solve a magical mystery together!

With the first route out for beta, I've also updated the public demo of the common route once more! This new demo build doesn't have partial voice acting anymore (as the old clips are now obsolete, since we'll be redoing all the voice acting in future recording sessions once the game is closer to full completion). But it's gone through another round of extensive editing / rewriting, which means more polished script and a bit of new content compared to before!

This will likely be the last demo update until the full game is complete to update it with the new partial voice acting clips. I'm hoping to release more beta builds for the other routes within the next few months, so stay tuned for more news! 

Thank you for the patience and support!


Reanimation Scheme - Updated Demo 3.0 (Windows & Linux) 434 MB
Version 3.0 Jun 11, 2022
Reanimation Scheme - Updated Demo 3.0 (Mac) 428 MB
Version 3.0 Jun 11, 2022

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