Day 6 public release (v0.5.1)

Welcome back, guild leaders!

Your adventure awaits you again in Emberfate! The newest build, v0.5.1, containing Days 1-6 of content has now been released to the public! Save files from previous episodes should be compatible. Please see the Patch Notes in game on the main menu for more instructions!

As usual, this update available for download for free, but if you enjoyed it, please consider supporting the game on Patreon! We could really use the help to continue making this game and keeping it free for everyone to enjoy.

The final episode (Day 8) will be available to $15 and above Patrons in the third week of November, so be sure to pledge if you're impatient to see how the adventure ends!

Changelog for v0.5.1:

  • Added Day 6 of content
    • A new voice call segment with some guildmates! 
  • Small bug fixes

Join us on the Discord server to discuss headcanons, meme about the characters, share your Emberfate OCs and cry about the wait for the next episode with other Emberfate players!


Emberfate: Tempest of Elements (Windows & Linux) 628 MB
Version 0.5.1 Nov 02, 2022
Emberfate: Tempest of Elements (Mac) 592 MB
Version 0.5.1 Nov 02, 2022

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