Day 8 (finale) early access release on Patreon

Welcome back, guild leaders!

In this final episode of Emberfate, will you lead your guild to victory in the raid dungeon of Ruins of Refuge, or will your raid collapse under the pressure? Will you successfully find love with the guildmate you've been getting close to?

The grand finale is now available as early access on Patreon for supporters of $15 tier or above!

This early Patreon build also comes with an exclusive cheat code system to let you check out the other Raid endings without having to replay the game again!

Come find out how the story ends now!


Can't support the Patreon? No problem! Day 7 will be available to the public for free on Dec 2, and Day 8 finale will be released on Jan 2! Until then, consider joining us on the Discord server to discuss headcanons, meme about the characters, share your Emberfate OCs and cry about the wait with other Emberfate players!

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