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Set in regular modern-day life, you are the leader of a raiding guild in the world's hottest MMORPG, Emberfate, which has just released the new expansion, Tempest of Elements. Balance the intricacies of being a guild leader, ranging from preparing for boss battles or distributing loot, to managing the complex relationships you have with your fellow players. Engage in conversations with your guildmates, listen to their troubles — and maybe pursue one of the three possible love interests to build a romantic relationship of your own!

Take charge of your own fate, and shape the future of those around you. In Emberfate, everyone is dealing with something, and your choices and support could make all the difference.

Note: This game is FREE to play! New content will be released episodically, with early access to each update available for Patrons of $15 tier and above!

The last episode (Day 8) will be available to Patrons ($15+ tier) in November, while the general public will receive this update in early January instead.

There might be possible extra content (e.g. epilogues / side stories) in the form of paid DLCs in the future, but uncertain as of yet. It'll depend entirely on reception of the full game after release.

An Immersive MMORPG-simulation Experience

Be who you want to be in the world of Emberfate! Choose your player character's name, pronouns, background, in-game race / class, guild name, and more! 

Venture into the newest raid dungeon, Ruins of Refuge, and prove your worth. Can you lead your raid team to success and defeat all four dragons?

Remember to communicate with your party — all lines spoken by the characters over the raid voice chat are fully voiced to ensure the full raider experience of hearing your friends scream in your ear in either excitement or panic.

Create lasting bonds with your guildmates and fellow raiders! Chat with them in various text channels — realm, guild, officer, party chat — and occasionally send or receive private messages from them! 

Explore and manage life as an Emberfate player with the fully functional guild, mail and inventory system!

A Sweet Romance to Remember

Tired of only watching and helping your friends' love lives flourish? No problem! There are three love interests you can pursue, who are waiting for that special someone (you) to come into their lives! Grow closer to them over text chats, voice calls — and even video calls! 

Again, all the voice and video calls are fully voiced, so be prepared to hear your future partner (maybe) whispering sweet nothings in your ear!

For more updates about this game or to connect with the team, follow Wind Chimes Games on Tumblr or Twitter or join our Discord!


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[DAY 1-4] Emberfate: Tempest of Elements (Windows & Linux) 466 MB
Version 0.3.3
[DAY 1-4] Emberfate: Tempest of Elements (Mac) 429 MB
Version 0.3.3

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Hello! I don't know if i'm doing something wrong but on day 4 when I finish the chat with DoNotDisturb about Kumiko chan and after that finish up with the guild and realm chats, the game just kinda,,, stops. So I don't know what to do because in the hints section it says handle any PMs received and complete the convos in any private messages received, but I have already done that? So the game just ends there. I also replayed the whole game again and it yet again just freezes at the same spot.

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Hi! Sorry to hear about the issues -- I admit this is the first time I've received a report of that bug, so I'm not sure exactly what's causing it. If possible, please provide more information on the issue -- screenshots of the spot where it stops, as well as the guild & realm chat and private messages window at that point, would be appreciated! If possible, please also let me know what your previous decisions / choices were for (a) whether you or Ali would be doing the recruitment (b) how you responded to HermitCrab's application to join (c) how you responded to Sorcerer's chat about his brother wanting to join.

EDIT: I just uploaded a new build of the game to Itch.io with an attempt to fix the issue. Please update the game and load a Day 4 save file with Force Recovery Mode on (which should put you at the start of Day 4) and try to get back to the point where the game stops and see if you're still unable to progress. Please let me know if the problem persists!

For more detailed support / troubleshooting, please consider joining our Discord server and private messaging me directly! It'd be easier to be able to identify what's causing the problem that way. 

Thank you for playing Emberfate, and I'm very sorry for the unexpected bugs!

Thank you! I downloaded the new build and now eveything is fine. :)

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Okay so I loaded my previous file just fine, and hung out with Chris (I saved it at the route branch off) and everything was fine until after the hang-out was done.  It gives me a hint to finish all chats and I did, I've tried loading and reloading saves but nothing changes- Also I don't get the option to say no to Khnayisa and after I select Chris route the one option I got dissapears. I am really confused and have no idea what i'm doing :,)

Edit: Okay I fixed it!! I needed the force loading aaa- Nathan was just fine so I didn't think anything was wrong but I guess not

(2 edits)

Please try reloading the save file with Force Recovery Mode enabled, which would bring you back to the start of Day 3 chapter. You'd have to replay the portions from start of Day 3 leading up to the route branch, but I'm fairly certain that it should fix the problem you're having which is due to incompatibility of old saves. The save point you made for the save file is after where I added new code to fix an issue where players are softblocked from progression by saying No to every single love interest, which affects how the No option is displayed during the route branching for the last love interest to respond to. 

Please let me know after trying that to see if it works. I apologize for the issues. Thank you for playing Emberfate!

I have an inquiry about picking a romance option on day 3, see i am able to pick either Khanyisa or Chris as a route, but Nathan is unavailable to me for some reason. I'm simply wondering if there are choices in game that determine this, or if his route is supposed to be an option no matter what and this is unintentional?

Whether a romance option is available for you to choose their route on Day 3 depends on your previous choices while interacting with the character in Day 1 and 2. The threshold requirement you need to meet in terms of relationship points with the love interest before their route is available in Day 3 is the same for all three love interests, but difficulty in getting that may vary. Thank you for playing Emberfate!

ah i see, thank you for answering!


I had to make an account after being a silent lurker because daaamn this is good! 

i love love love all the choices we can make, the interface is super cool and realistic (it must have been a lot of work to design it and make it work!), and everyone seems  so... real :) 

all the characters have their own personalities (including some that irk me, i'm looking at you Zeke) and they feel really fleshed-out. a lot of them have my heart and affection besides the romance options (Names, Type, Uncle, Ruby, Cat, Lamp, Ali, Muse and Jim just to name a few <3 absolute sweethears love them)

I can't wait to see more of this (and Chris. love Chris.)! good luck and best wishes to the devs, you're doing an amazing work <3

Thank you so much for playing Emberfate and leaving such a glowing review!! I'm so glad to hear the game offers a realistic experience since that's definitely my first goal — and even the annoying characters can actually evoke annoyance LOL

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue your journey (and romance Chris some more! ;) haha) Thank you so much again for the kind comment! It really does warm my heart knowing my creations can entertain players :D

Does anyone have the issue that they can't click anything? When I get the first prompt to select a dialogue option, nothing happens. :/ I tried restarting and redownloading too.

Thanks for checking out the game! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems playing. Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate the error you're describing on my end, and I haven't received reports of this issue before either. Can you please give me more details on what the issue is, where exactly it took place, and what you were doing? If possible, please attach a screenshot as well. Thank you!

Game Screenshot - Bug?

Unable to select dialogue options
Thanks for responding! I can pick my name/class, but as soon as I get to the first dialogue option, I can't click any of the options. The option will highlight, but when I click it nothing happens. I've tried clicking all the options, and nothing happened. Not sure if it's helpful, but included a screenshot from when I tried to play again today.

Hi! Thanks for the reply, and sorry again for the technical issues.

Is this your first time playing Emberfate, or did you play the old demo previously of Day 1-2?

Upon the first playthrough of this v0.2.1 build, a tutorial should be there at the start of the game. This is what it looks like on my end when I run the game, but that appears to be missing from your screenshot. Can you confirm whether you've played through the tutorial once before? Were the previous tutorial tips showing up before the first dialogue choice point?

If possible, please go into Settings and check if there's a Tutorial Hints setting that can be toggled on and off. It theoretically should not be in the Settings menu until you've played through the start of the game (i.e. finish the tutorial) once, but if it's there, please check to see if it's turned on or off.

Another thing you can do if to delete all persistent data and save files for Emberfate. Check in the following location:

  • Windows: %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/
  • Linux: $HOME/.renpy/

If you see any folders called EmberfateTempestofElements, whether it's

EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206 or

EmberfateTempestofElementsDemo-1631333206, delete all the contents inside those Emberfate folders. 

Then delete all previous extracted game folders of the game, including past builds. And redownload and re-extract the game to a different folder again. 

If none of those work, if you have a Discord account, please consider joining our Discord server (https://discord.gg/S3pgGyv) and then sending me a PM. It'll be easier to troubleshoot and try to figure out what the issue is in a direct conversation. 

Apologies again for the strange bug. Thank you for your patience!

Deleting the files in the %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\ folder worked! Thank you! And it was my first time playing and the tutorial did pop up. I think it's just one of those random things, haha. Again, thank you so much! 

lmao as a person that has played many MMORPG, I can confirm this is true, especially the pain of raiding with a large team. Looking for more in the next update. <3


LOL I definitely took inspiration from my own MMORPG experiences as well for this game's story arcs / drama, so I'm glad to hear they come off as realistic!

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue reliving your MMORPG days! Thank you so much for playing Emberfate!

the amount of love and dedication that this CLEARLY has :') I'm so happy I found it <3 good luck with the development!! I'm looking forward for the next updates.

Take care 💖 

Thank you so much!!! I really do love this game and pour my heart into creating this, so I'm so happy to hear that it shows through the game.

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue playing! Thank you for playing Emberfate!

AGGHH just finished day 3 and i must say it was sooo fun to play this!! can't wait for day 4!

Hahah thank you so much for playing Emberfate! I'm glad to hear you had fun playing it, though I'm sorry for making players wait between episodes. The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now, so I hope you'll enjoy it if you get the chance to play it!

This is amazing! Had a ton of fun, the only thing was I couldn't keep up with all the chats, but I guess that is what would be expected since this is supposed to be similar to if you were in an actual RPG game!

It just lost me when the whole Bard thing happened, but can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for playing Emberfate!

I'm sorry to hear the chats got overwhelming — I've had some similar comments before, so I'm trying to be mindful of it when writing future episodes so less parallel conversations happen at once.

You can also always pause the chats and ignore the other conversations to focus on only one at a time if that helps! There's no time limit on answering conversations, and they don't progress until you make a choice, so you can always take as much time as you need to go through each chat! 

I'm so sorry for the wait, but the full version should be out in 4 more months (one episode released a month)! Though Patreon would get early access and receive the final episode in November, if that's something that interests you~ Thank you again for your interest in Emberfate!


Great idea and wonderful characters (and Chris' voice, oh my god...). Can't wait to see the full version!

Thank you so much! (I see we have yet another player who couldn't resist the charm of Chris' voice.... hahaha)

I'm so sorry for the wait, but the full version should be out in 4 more months (one episode released a month)! Though Patreon would get early access and receive the final episode in November, if that's something that interests you~

Thank you again for your interest in Emberfate!


AAA this demo is great, I can't wait for the full game to come out

Thank you for playing the demo!! I'm glad to hear you liked it!

The newest episode (Day 3 content) is out now if you haven't tried that yet! There'll be a new episode released at the start of every month, so you don't have to wait as long as the full game's release if you want new content now!  :D

(3 edits) (+1)

Found this game by chance and immediately felt in love with the characters and the game as a whole. I'm looking forward for the full release , keep up the good work :).

Thank you so much!! <3 I'm so glad to hear that. I'll keep working hard to keep the new episodes coming~ :D


I finished the demo in one day- holy cow I am in love with this I can't wait to see the finished game! the Love interest have all stole my heart I love there personality's and there voices suit them so much <3 the amount of nostalgia I get from this is awesome!! 

(1 edit) (+4)

Thank you so much for playing the demo! I'm glad to hear you liked it and that it was nostalgic for you too, haha. I'm likely going to try to do an episodic release for this game so that new content will be released every month or so, so you won't have to wait too long for more of Emberfate! ^^


I have played this demo way too many times, I love it so much. There are so many little details that are incredible, such as the minimap updating, even during the starting raid! It's fun to create new characters to see the different icons for the different classes.

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear you like the demo so much, and I'm always pleased when someone notices and appreciates the little details that I definitely spent way too much time on even though they weren't important LOL

I loved the demo so much, I can't wait for the full game!! omg the mmo realness hit so hard

Thank you for playing the demo!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the MMO simulation part was realistic LOL I'll be trying to do an episodic release for this game, which means new content will be released every month or so, so you won't have to wait too long for more of Emberfate! ^^


The demo was great! Can't wait to play the full game

Thank you so much! I'll be trying to do an episodic release for this game, which means new content will be released every month or so, so you won't have to wait too long for more of Emberfate! ^^


Got hooked with the promise of video-calls with LIs with cute pets, stayed for the intricate game mechanics and amazing character dynamics. Can't wait for the full release.

Hahah thank you so much for playing the demo! I'm super glad you got more than what you came for and stuff other than the LIs were interesting too!  I'll be trying to do an episodic release for this game, which means new content will be released every month or so, so you won't have to wait too long for more of Emberfate! ^^


So, I just want to say how much I LOVE your game. I am absolutely in love, thank you so much for making it and I will be sitting here, waiting for future updates! 

I wish I could articulate my thoughts more but, I just want to tell you just how excited I am for this game, and how much I appreciate its existence and your efforts in making this game :)

I was hit with a wave of emotions as I played the demo last night.  I couldn't put it down and wanted to cry when the demo ended.

I have never had the experience of playing WoW and the seriousness that some people take raids but I have the experience of gaining friends through online games and feeling like they are my family.  A lot of my friends now are from online games I've played and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I feel like that's what this game is. I feel so nostalgic playing through it and feel so attached to the characters as if they were real. I really love the added elements of the voice calls and video calls because It really adds to the experience of what I believe you guys are trying to accomplish. The immersion is real.

Anyways, thank you so so much once more <3 I look forward to future updates!


Ahhh thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment! I'm really really happy to hear you liked Emberfate so much :D

Most of my closest friends are friends I've met online, and I have very fond memories of good friends from my old guilds / online games I've played, so I definitely relate there. I've tried to capture some of those found family vibes for the guild in this game, and I'm so happy that touched at least one person's heart.

The voice and video calls have been really fun to write, and I'm glad they add to the immersion! 

I'm hopefully going to be able to release new days of content for Emberfate in monthly episode, so I won't keep you waiting too long for future updates! ^^ I hope you'll enjoy the eventual new content as well!!


Why can't I just buy it T-T? Need the full game! Urgently! 

Haha thank you so much for the anticipation for the full game! The enthusiasm is really nice to hear. I'll be trying to do an episodic release for this game so that new content will be released every month or so, so you won't have to wait too long for more of Emberfate! ^^


The way that you captured what it's like to play an old school MMO AND be a guild leader is both amazing and triggering (in a good way).

This game is incredibly nostalgic. The grinding, the guild drama, the imagery, all of it takes me back to early online gaming. The social aspect of this is amazingly realistic and immersive (things like what happened to Chris really did happen quite often), I feel like I've gone back in time. It reminds me of why I don't join guilds or take leadership positions anymore!

The only thing that seemed strange to me were the the dialogues that referenced the "self-employed" background choice. When asked about college, the only choices I got were that you didn't go and you can be glad for it or regret it. Another choice, specifically about occupation, has you say you don't want to talk about it. One can be self-employed, still have gone to college, be very successful and enjoy what they do. College isn't just about finding a job, it's also about learning, networking and gaining skills if you go to a good one. Perhaps this changes if you choose to be a student in-game but I felt as though the dialogue kind of leans negatively towards being self-employed and college in general. I'm wondering if this is intentional or am I misunderstanding?

Either way, I'm going to devour this game when it's released.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! I'm really glad to hear the game is realistic and managed to replicate the feel of being in an MMORPG guild! I definitely made this game out of nostalgia for the good old MMORPG days I've had, so I'm really glad players have been finding this nostalgic too! 

The point you raised about the choices in relation to college and occupation -- I'm really sorry about that, that one is actually an oversight on my part for the branching. As someone who's both self-employed and went to college, I definitely don't regret my decisions and I don't mean to give a negative impression of it!

I'm going to try to give a quick explanation of what happened behind the scenes in my code where I messed up LOL I hope this isn't too confusing to understand since I'm really bad at explaining things concisely.


So the choices you referred to there are not specifically for the self-employed background, but basically what is shown for all players who chose any background that wasn't "college student" or "post-graduate student", because I only wrote two sets of possible choice options, one for the students, and one for non-students (and another response choice for the occupation discussion for those who chose unemployed background).

Then here is where I made the mistake for the first choice discussing college: I set it up in the script so that if the chosen work background is not college student or postgraduate student, then it would offer two special choices, where you can state you didn't go to college and either regret it or don't regret it. Otherwise (which means the chosen work background is either college student or postgraduate student), it'd offer the two student choices, which simply state whether you agree or disagree with Muse.

...And I completely forgot that that means non-students would not be able to see the generic agree/disagree choice and only get to state they didn't go to college... LOL Oops, that was uh a really bad oversight on my part in that logic branching. 

As for the occupation discussion, that one I admit was because I was rushing for the deadline and couldn't think of another choice option to offer to players who chose the employed or self-employed background where you can answer Khanyisa without mentioning your job (because then there's too many possible career options to offer, if I want to make sure players who are roleplaying or self-inserting wouldn't have their immersion broken suddenly by being forced into an option that they didn't want for their job background). So I was trying to keep it vague, and the only choice I could think of was just "I don't want to talk about it", but I didn't realize how that could come off as being negative or disliking your job. So again, that's an oversight on my part, and I'll go back and try to think of another choice option to offer that's more positive! 

Thank you for pointing these out, because I definitely did not realize my mistakes at all until now, and I'll work on fixing this soon! Again, I'm very sorry for this, and I hope it didn't detract from your experience too much to have the unfortunate combination of my mistakes come off as a negative portrayal of being self-employed.


Thanks so much for breaking all that down for me!

And please don't worry, none of this took away from how amazing this game is and it's completely normal and expected to run into mistakes, placeholders and oversights during development. I had a feeling it was unintentional and made no assumptions. The only thing that took me out of the game was hitting the end of the demo!

It's really hard for me to leave comments asking for clarity, the last thing I want to do is come across as critical, hurtful or offensive as I understand so much time, effort and courage goes into creative works such as these. I'm incredibly grateful, honored and relieved that I could help you in some small way! As I said, I'm going to devour this game when it's released lol

Thanks again!

(1 edit)

I absolutely loved the demo. I was a bit worried about the mmorpg side, since I'm not a player and it looked a bit complicated, but the tutorial is very well-made and the hints really helped. I love that everyone in the guild has their own backstory, and now I grew attached and I can't wait to see what's coming next!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm really glad that it wasn't too confusing to play even if you have no prior MMORPG experience -- I was a bit worried about that and didn't want it to alienate non-MMORPG players, so I'm relieved that the tutorial / hints helped! Happy to hear that you like the characters too! I'll try to keep you all updated on progress for this game with devlogs!

Just finished the game and im f... impressed!! Really felt like i was playing a mmorpg, wich i absolute love! Good characters so far, liked the dinamic between them. Last but not least, i already want Chris all to myself <3 Good joob guys!!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm really glad you think it replicated the MMO feel well and you like the characters :) Chris has definitely been a fan favorite so far, much to my surprise! LOL Thank you again!


just finished the demo oh my god i will hold hands With all Of Them


i love lamp and their cricklecrackly mic


Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! I'm so glad you enjoy the characters LOL Lamp's terrible mic is one of my favorite parts of the game, so I'm glad you liked it too! (I promise the VA's mic is actually really good quality, I just butchered it with sound editing for this purpose xD)

Just finished playing the demo and damn: this game is so unique, I just love it! Can't wait for the next updates, you're doing great!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! :D I'll try to keep you all updated on progress for this game with devlogs!

(1 edit) (+3)

This was incredible, have never even played an MMORPG before but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is so well made!!   Reminded me of when I played Blooming Panic for the first time - I loved it


Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! I'm so glad to hear that the game was enjoyable even if you aren't an MMORPG player yourself -- and I hope the terminology and mechanics weren't too confusing! I'll work hard to make sure the full game is as fun and hopefully live up to your praise! Haha


Just started playing this! Damn it's sooo goood!!! Really feels like playing an MMORPG, got me all nostalgic. I'm not sure if formats of other MMORPGs are similar to this one but I think this one's pretty close to the template and UI for Guild Wars 2? I've played that for a while. Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks! Time to continue playing! (^^


Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I hope it brought back some fond MMORPG memories for you too! Haha 

I think quite a few MMORPGs I know of share similar UI setups like this, actually ^^ This particular UI was also a royalty-free premade MMORPG UI kit that I purchased, which I then edited to fit my needs, so I suppose it might also be a bit generic in that regard, haha.

Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game! :D


oh my dear god it was incredible!! i had such fun with mechanics, it's all both so innovative and nostalgic i'm in love! and characters are just agaeginaergnwp'G

love them all, chris especially somehow! i'm looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful game! thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing the demo and taking the time to leave a comment! I'm so happy to hear that you find the mechanics fun! My own nostalgia for the good old MMORPG days was definitely what inspired me to create this visual novel, haha. 

Don't worry, you're not the only one! Apparently, Chris has been sneakily stealing a lot of players' hearts out of nowhere LOL. I'm glad you like the characters! 

Thank you again! I'll work hard to finish the full game as soon as possible!



I think I just spent a whole ten minutes just looking at everything starryeyed after booting the game up! Everything looks so incredibly beautiful and well-put-together. I can't even imagine how much work that must have taken on the backend. And all the extra background lore just for choosing your race and class and all that was honestly a joy, that made me so happy!

And the characters... ah... my heart...I really thought I would fall for Nathan the hardest, but after talking Khanyisa and Chris I can safely say I'm in love with everyone. They're all really compelling.

And not just the LIs, all the characters come across as realistic and fleshed out. Lamp is my baby now. I love his crackly mic. I really enjoyed all the little characteristics people had, and of course the RL drama that creeps into the game. Plus, very cool that people aside from the LIs have VAs!! wasn't expecting that!!

I have one single criticism and that is that I now have to wait for the full game to be out, haha. Amazing work! Keep it up, I'm really excited to see more!


(I neglected to mention it in my own comment so I'm gonna squeeze in over here with jamwizard to second the Lamp & crackly mic love. 🥰)

Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! 

You're far too kind with your praises and compliments ahhhh. Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear that the extra details I spent probably way too much time on enhanced the experience! 

I'm so glad that you like all the three love interests and the side characters too! Hahaha, Lamp with his bad mic is one of my favorite parts of the game for sure. I wish I could afford to give voiced lines to more side characters, but alas, budget concerns, so only these lucky few get to have a working mic I guess LOL 

Thank you so much again! I'll do my best to finish the game as quickly as possible! ^^


honestly cannot wait for the full release. the whole demo exceeded my expectations and was super immersive!! i love the feel of the game that ive gotten so  far and i cant wait to see how it develops!!


Thank you so much for playing the demo and taking the time to leave a comment! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it and found the game immersive. I'll definitely work hard to make the rest of the game even better, and I'll post updates on our Twitter if you're interested in following the development process! ^^


Ok, wow. I am absolutely blown away by how much of a blast this demo was!

I've never been a very active MMORPG player but I can definitely feel that this game is too accurate to what being in a guild feels like, especially with the temper tantrums, chat shenanigans and overall silliness LOL

The immersive UI, the characters, the voice acting, LITERALLY EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD!! All the love interests are so so interesting and I can't wait to get to know more of their backstories! It was also really easy to get invested in all the guild drama since the side characters seem well fleshed out and just... like real people who have their own lives and are all brought together by this one game they really enjoy (in truth I'm already WAY too attached to all of them DHGFJDF).

Once again, this demo was really fun to play, immersive and incredibly well executed. Can't wait for the full release!!

Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving a comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo, and thank you for such high praise and all the compliments! 

I'm so happy to hear that the game is realistic and the characters are interesting and feel real! I tried to give every side character their own personality, backstory and character arc (even if not all of it may be covered in the game itself), and I'm really pleased that it seems to be working so far and you care for them! Your choices and interactions with them will start resulting in consequences too as the game goes on, so the more you care for them, the better! ;) 

Thank you again for the kind comment! I'll do my best to finish the full release as soon as possible!

(English is a foreign language for me but i will try make this message as clear as possible) Only a short demo but I am already in love with this game! It just hits all the right places. Setting is amazing, made me kinda nostalgic for my past MMORPG days. Interface is so cool with those in-game stuff and chat/audio/video things. All characters are so loveable (side characters included), they are seem so real and full of life. I can't wait to play full game and I think it will became one of my favorites. I wish you good luck with development, may it be easy and enjoyable experience for you! Thank you for great job, it definitely made my day!

Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! Your English is perfectly understandable, and I'm so happy to hear such kind compliments ^^ I also created this game out of nostalgia for my old MMORPG days too, so I'm really glad it evoked the same kind of emotions for you! I definitely tried my best to give every side character their own personality, backstory and character arcs, so I'm relieved that they do come across as seeming real and likeable characters.

Thank you for writing such a lovely comment! It made my day to see this! I'll try my best to finish the full game as soon as possible!

MAN THIS GAME PISSED ME OFF BUT IN THE BEST WAY LOL I mean that wholeheartedly as a compliment, I've played way too much WoW and FFXIV so when I saw the raiders acting up and sort of lashing out, it felt very familiar and realistic to how I've seen some of my guildies act out in the past, so it was very easy for me to be immersed in the setting and get invested in the story, I'm incredibly excited to see the rest of the game!

Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving a comment! LOL I'm glad the game is realistic and even immersive enough to evoke the same emotions in you like WoW / FFXIV! Hopefully the full game will be just as fun too! I'll do my best to finish the rest of the game asap! ^^

This is a really great game; I'm so excited for the full version! One question (that maybe I just missed bc my mind wanders too much during tutorials lol): how do you close the PM window once it's up? I couldn't get it down during the segment exploring the dungeon with Possibly, and that was a shame bc I couldn't see the cool mob designs!


Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave a comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo :) 

Oh, I probably didn't make it clear in the tutorial, so it's my oversight. If there's no outstanding choices to be made in the PMs, there should be a tiny X that shows up at the top right corner of the chat tab next to the character's name! If you close all of the open PM tabs, the whole PM chat window would close.

Sorry about that! I should probably add a note for it somewhere in the tutorials, haha.

Thanks so so much! This is a really fantastic game!

Just finished playing and that was a lot of fun! The love interests have my heart already haha. They're all interesting, and I look forward to seeing how things go with them! And I liked the side characters too, I can definitely see how much care was put into everyone! Good luck with the rest of development <3


Thank you so much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game and liked the characters! :D I'll work hard to bring the full game to you all as soon as possible!

any chance an android version is in ghe future?

Hi! Thanks for the interest and question!

I'm not quite sure right now -- I am tentatively interested in making an android port, but I do worry it wouldn't be very feasible because of the UI design (being as MMO-like as possible). I feel like scaled down to an Android port, everything would be barely readable or clickable on a phone, haha. I'll look into the possibility, but I can't promise anything right now, sorry! I hope you get the chance to perhaps try the game on a PC at some point! :)


my pc recently pooped. I suspect the PSU going bad. android also runs on tablets. big screens. That's just me nitpicking though, thanks for the thoughtful and quick answer! 


This game is ridiculously cool. It feels wildly ambitious and yet you did it! I'm amazed you were able to morph renpy into this.

Emberfate is immersive from the start, with a gorgeous selection of music (I was amazed to see it was royalty-free with how well it fit the game's atmosphere - HOW.) and fully functional character creator. I deadass spent several IRL minutes reading through and debating what kind of character I wanted to make, which is an on-point experience for an RPG style game. I really loved the options to be unemployed and self-employed, in particular.

Personally, I'm not a fan of MMORPGs; I played a few years of Final Fantasy only because my partner at the time really needed a healer LOL. The general drama and saltiness of certain players -- especially the passive aggressive dialogue demonstrated by the in-game user Nanami-chan -- is all too real (especially ending with "lol" all the time omggg) and a big factor of why I'm averse to playing these games in real life... but damn it's masterfully captured here, and an absolute blast to experience in a VN.

The artwork is great all around. The UI fits the game perfectly and the CGs are gorgeous - Rem has always had a beautifully expressive way of depicting characters' hands. <3 And speaking of the characters, I already care about them.  Every single love interest is interesting and gosh I hope I can help them out even if I'm not actively romancing them. The twist with Chris genuinely surprised me.

The dialogue lines (both from voice and chat) are awesome with multiple instances making me giggle -- heck I knew I was in for a fun ride when they talked about renaming a guildmate to long-lost-dad.

Uhhh yep that's all the notes I took while playing. I'll be patiently looking forward to more.~


Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! 

Ahhhh thank you for the super kind comments and praise! I honestly had a lot of help with coding, and the hardest parts like the chat system was done by the incredible programmer Shawna, who saved me a lot of headaches LOL If only you could see the code for the rest -- it's a mess held thinly together by dangling tape and tears. Haha

I'm really glad the game has been immersive for you, which is definitely one of my biggest goals! I got really lucky with the kind of royalty-free assets I managed to find and purchase for sure, and I'm relieved you think they fit the game well! 

I used to play Final Fantasy XIV too, among other MMORPGs! That kind of drama and passive aggressiveness / raging is definitely a classic. I hope that didn't bring up any traumatic raiding memories for you! LOL 

Rem is definitely amazing and did such a great job with the CG art for the love interests! I'm glad you enjoyed the dialogue and the characters too! The current plan is for players to be able to help the LIs and maintain friendships with them even if they're not the current romancing target, but I'll have to see if the branching gets a bit too rough to manage in the end. I'm hopeful I can keep this as a feature though! All the LIs deserve some (platonic or romantic) love for sure~

Again, thank you so much for trying the demo and taking the time to let me know your thoughts! I'll hopefully be able to finish the rest of the game within the next few months and you wouldn't have to wait too long! Haha



Honestly a huge throwback to my SWTOR days, from the fun, realistic, silly (and sometimes serious) guild chat, to the spambot PMs,.  Just all the joy and nostalgia of that era of life for me.  Plus everyone, especially the ROs/LIs just feel so real and human, with their very realistic problems and busy lives.

I LOVE being able to interact so much with my guildmates and I love the beautiful art (and adorable pets!!!  PLAY FOR THE PETS PEOPLE) god this is probably my most anticipated game right now, can't wait for the full release.

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm happy to hear the game brought back good old MMORPG memories for you! Haha (Especially the spam mail -- who can ever forget those?) 

I'm so glad you think the characters feel real and human! I tried really hard to give every single character a personality and backstory / (sometimes behind-the-scenes) character arc of their own, so I'm relieved some of it is coming through. 

The pets are definitely my favorite part of the game too LOL Can't wait to show off the art of all the LIs' pets in the full game! I'll do my best to try to get the full release ready as soon as possible!

Loved the game, loved the characters.  They all won me over in the end making it difficult to choose a favorite one.  They all have their pros and cons which I won't be going into (join the server) here.  Absolutely full of memorable side characters that all have their own stand out personality. It brought me back to my days playing mmo's online. For sure will be following the development of this game! To a speedy release!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! I'm really happy to hear that you liked the love interests — and the side characters too! My nostalgia for my old MMO days is definitely what inspired this project, so I'm glad this brought back some (hopefully fond) MMORPG memories for you! Haha

To a speedy release indeed! Hopefully I'll be able to get this whole game wrapped up in the new few months!


So excited!! Will come back here and leave a review once I've finished playing a few run throughs!!