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Set in regular modern-day life, you are the leader of a raiding guild in the world's hottest MMORPG, Emberfate, which has just released the new expansion, Tempest of Elements. Balance the intricacies of being a guild leader, ranging from preparing for boss battles or distributing loot, to managing the complex relationships you have with your fellow players. Engage in conversations with your guildmates, listen to their troubles — and maybe pursue one of the three possible love interests to build a romantic relationship of your own!

Take charge of your own fate, and shape the future of those around you. In Emberfate, everyone is dealing with something, and your choices and support could make all the difference.

Note: The final episode (Day 8) has been released! Thank you so much for all the support along the way!

A $5 DLC will be released in Q4 2023, adding a romance route for SelfconsciousPotato. Donations on KoFi are very much appreciated to help with the expenses.

An Immersive MMORPG-simulation Experience

Be who you want to be in the world of Emberfate! Choose your player character's name, pronouns, background, in-game race / class, guild name, and more! 

Venture into the newest raid dungeon, Ruins of Refuge, and prove your worth. Can you lead your raid team to success and defeat all four dragons?

Remember to communicate with your party — all lines spoken by the characters over the raid voice chat are fully voiced to ensure the full raider experience of hearing your friends scream in your ear in either excitement or panic.

Create lasting bonds with your guildmates and fellow raiders! Chat with them in various text channels — realm, guild, officer, party chat — and occasionally send or receive private messages from them! 

Explore and manage life as an Emberfate player with the fully functional guild, mail and inventory system!

A Sweet Romance to Remember

Tired of only watching and helping your friends' love lives flourish? No problem! There are three love interests you can pursue, who are waiting for that special someone (you) to come into their lives! Grow closer to them over text chats, voice calls — and even video calls! 

Again, all the voice and video calls are fully voiced, so be prepared to hear your future partner (maybe) whispering sweet nothings in your ear!

For more updates about this game or to connect with the team, follow Wind Chimes Games on Tumblr or Twitter or join our Discord!

Are you curious about how the game was conceptualized and what the development process was like? You can find out now in this behind-the-scenes booklet PDF and help support the development of Potato's route if you enjoyed the game!

Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(248 total ratings)
AuthorWind Chimes Games
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBTQIA, Male protagonist, Multiple Endings, nb-protagonist, Otome, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 1.0.4
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Version 1.0.4

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tsundere Chris is so cuteeeee, i could die for him :3

I got this on steam but was so excited to see it here too! I am down for any DLC this game puts out and will pay almost any price! DLC's for all!

Hold up. Hold up....did I just read that there's a way to get Bard back smh? 0:

Dammit, how do I get him back tho....are there any "tips"  you might be willing to share >w>? 

In Chris's route (idk abt the others) there's an option to invite bard to raid after uncle drops out of the raid.

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Hi! I was doing Nathan's route and I think I encountered a bug, it tells me I must finish all my pms at hints but I did yet nothing?


Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate, and I'm sorry to hear about the issues! Unfortunately, I'm not able to replicate your issue on my end, and I've double checked the code which should be working fine. Perhaps you can try redownloading the newest build from the game and restarting from an earlier Day 6 save. If that doesn't work, you can PM me on Discord @ Windchimes#1995 to send me your save file with this issue so I can take a look to see what the problem is. Sorry about the inconvenience!

the bug was resolved, thanks a lot!!

Will there be an android version?

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Emberfate! There are plans to port Emberfate to Android, but it probably won't come any time soon because there's a lot of UI adjustments that have to be done for it to fit on the mobile screen, and I've never done mobile port before so it'll take some time for me to figure out the programming side of things. I'll make announcements on social media once the Android port is ready though, so be sure to follow us to stay tuned!

Ok, I def will  be following.  

My God, it's finally here!!! Thank you for your hard work! 

I will play while savoring each letter XD. Definitely looking forward to future works as well :) <3 Love you guys!


Sooo good 10/10 <3


Thank you so much!! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it <3


hi! are there guides/walkthroughs for each love interest's good endings???if so, where could I find them? :))

(2 edits) (+4)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing! Unfortunately,there isn't an official ending guide for Emberfate as of yet. It's something that's on my to-do list, but it'll probably be some time before I get around to it unfortunately. But if there's a lot of demand for it, I'll try and see if I can do it earlier!


AHHHHHH loved tthis game. just finished chris's rout and man was that game good. If you ever do make dlc's get ready for me to throw my money at you and run >:).

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like the game and especially Chris~ I definitely would very much appreciate the support for the DLCs! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Tumblr so you don't miss the release of future DLCs! :D


this game is so good!! i literally love all characters and their voiceover... ali the best girl <3


Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear you liked the game. The voice actors really did an amazing job for sure, and I'm really lucky I got to work with them! I also have a soft spot for Ali tbh, so I'm glad you liked her too!

Very good game!! I love it!! If you don't mind, may I ask if you are considering adding another language?

(2 edits)

Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm glad to hear you enjoy it! 

At this point in time, I don't have plans to officially translate the project, as the costs of translations are too much for me to pay for out of pocket for a free game, and if I don't speak the language, it's difficult for me to tell if the translation is accurate to the script. Chinese is the only language I'd probably consider for this project translations-wise as I'm a native Chinese speaker myself, but I'm not really sure if I have the time to translate the script myself or if it's worth the effort, haha. If there's enough interest for it though, I'll mark it down as something to consider for the future!




i've just finished nathan's route and it was such an amazing experience. the love interests, guild members and sweet animals won over my heart completely. thank you for giving us an opportunity to play something so incredible. also, potato's route? i'm screaming right now, because i loved when he flirted with mc and other guild members. i will definitely look forward to his dlc and your other games!


Thank you so much for playing Emberfate! I'm so happy to hear you liked the game and Nathan's route in particular!

So many Potato fans are coming out of the woods from this route announcement apparently LOL He really is too charming for his own good, huh? I'm really glad to hear your comment though, since it helps me gauge interest for the DLC route.

Again, thank you so much for the support, and I hope to see you again in the future for either his DLC or my other projects!! <3

Hello, enjoying the game quite a lot! But I just found a bug on Day 4 (Chris route), when choosing what to do with the glitch exploit, if I choose to have the raid leaders decide on it and then to try the exploit, the game throws an error later when you get the PM from DoNotDisturb. If I go with the option of putting the decision to a vote, or decided not to try the exploit, there's no error later on.

Here is the error message:

Hope this helps!


Hi! Thank you so much for the bug report, and I'm so sorry about the issue. I've managed to locate the issue and uploaded a new build (v1.0.2) that should include a fix for the error. You might have to restart the day for the changes to take effect and progress past that point without the error.

Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your playthrough!

(2 edits)

Hello! Just wanted to add a small update because I did finish the game and really enjoyed the experience (never played an MMORPG and it was so interesting and easy to follow!), congrats on your work!! My biggest compliment has to be, besides the smooth simulation integration, the VA work: it's sooo good. I've never been someone that much into VA in visual novels, I usually don't care about it at all, but for this game it really surprised me and immersed me in the story, I could have listened to them talk for hours without getting bored.

I will be checking up for news on those DLCs to expand the story :)


I KNEW IT POTATO WAS GIVING ROMANCE VIBES!!!1!! squealing for the dlc. 


HAHAH his playful flirting was too good to not turn him into a romance option! I'm excited to come back to this game and work on the DLC later this year too!


I can't wait for potato's DLC. Definitely going to get it when it comes out!


I see yet another player has fallen for Potato's charm LOL Thank you, I'm really glad to hear of your interest in the DLC since I'm still nervous about whether it'd sell enough to cover the costs LOL I'm excited to return to this game later this year as well, and I'll definitely keep you all updated in the future!


This is so good! Thank you so much for all your hard work and making this game! Each of the RO's feels so distinct and the writing is so good! (Literally has me smiling at my computer like an idiot). Also the feel of the different guild members is brilliant, I have a soft spot for sorcerer I have to admit, they kind of feel like that younger brother type and are so chaotic I love it. 

Thank you so much for playing Emberfate!! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! <3

Jim has definitely become a fan favorite, so you're not alone LOL He's one of my favorite side characters too because of how adorable he is and how fun he is to write!

Again, thank you for playing Emberfate, and I hope I'll see you again later this year for Potato's DLC too! ;D

Finished the last day!! I have nothing new to add to my previous comment, I just love love love this game. At the end I actually got a little misty eyed because I loved the guild so much! Everyone feels so wonderfully real and endearing. I'm going to be replaying emberfate a number of times in the coming weeks!

Thank you so much for playing Emberfate! It makes me so happy to hear you like the game <3 I hope you'll enjoy your other playthroughs as well!!

PS: Emberfate will be releasing on Steam soon with some achievements, so you might want to wait on the Steam version before doing more playthroughs if you care about being a completionist and getting all the achievements on Steam! Haha

Hello! I downloaded the game today after a recommendation, and honestly I love it! Its very well made, and the characters are so well written! The guild succeeding stresses me out though XD

I'm having a problem though, I'm on Day 8, Chris Route, I go to start the raid, and the moment I invite Nathan and greet him, after his next words the game just errors, and rollback just forces me into an endless loop of the error.

My raid team needed Zuros alt, a random and the underleveled anon to be complete, if this information helps. I believe the error is caused by the random though

My error message is quite long, but I can share it if needed

Hi! Thank you so much for playing Emberfate, and I'm so glad to hear you've been enjoying it! 

Oops, I have no idea how that bug slipped through the cracks. I'm so sorry about that! I think I know what the issue is after checking the code, but having a screenshot of the error would be really helpful to make sure I'm fixing the right thing. Thank you again, and I'm sorry about the inconvenience and issues!

No worries haha! I'll definitely sit through some errors if  it means I get to play awesome games like this one!

These are the errors

Thank you so much! I believe I've figured out the issue and it should work properly now. I've just updated the build on Itch.io to v1.0.1, so please redownload the game files and try playing again!

You might have to go back to the start of Day 8 (by loading a save file from Day 7, or loading a Day 8 save file with Force Recovery Mode enabled) for the fixes to take effect.

Please let me know if it works! Thank you again!

mmorpgs always have a special soft spot in my heart. i've only played Day3's content which was months ago, and i remember being so giddy lmao wow
So glad to see the updates! i cant wait to play when i'm free

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment! I'm happy to announce that the final episode (Day 8) has been released, so I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game if you do play it! :D

sooo i had to start the game from the beginning bc one of my save files wasn't working but i'm not able to skip through the chats and dialogues for some reason? had to play it all over again on maximum speed bc the skip option wouldn't work


Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm sorry to hear about the issues — unfortunately I'm not able to replicate the problem you said you were experiencing. Persistent data like what lines have been already read before should be saved locally on your machine — can you check the following folder locations to see if there were mistakenly multiple save folders for the game such as EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206 or EmberfateTempestofElements-1631333206? 

  • Windows: %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/
  • Linux: $HOME/.renpy/

Either way, there should be a setting in game to let you skip through all text, whether read or not, so you can toggle it on to All Text to skip through everything faster even if the local persistent data on what lines have been read was somehow bugged or lost. Please let me know if that works for you, and again, I'm sorry about the inconvenience and issues! This game kind of has a lot going on programming-wise for the chat system to work, and unfortunately, thanks to my lack of expertise with coding, I'm unable to fix all the backwards compatibility issues that occurs with the engine. Thank you very much for your patience!

hi,  i try the solution but i continue with the problem.

hey there, i'm on day 5 of chris' route, and i'm currently stuck!! SPOILERS for day 5 chris route:

after sending mails to verify zeke's story, nothing else has happened? the hint hasn't changed from "send mails to verify zeke's story" so i'm wondering if i've missed something. i'm on mac, so maybe that's part of the issue! thank you! 

Hi! Thank you for the bug report! 

I've located the issue and updated the game build on Itch.io (v0.6.3) that should include a fix to the issue. You might have to reload at the start of Day 5 for the fixes to apply as any save files made after starting Zeke's conversation would likely have the old bugged progress condition set incorrectly still. Please let me know if the issue persists after that!

Apologies for the inconvenience and issues! Thank you for playing Emberfate!

I am OBSESSED with this game so far. It's soooo damn good! I love the idea and everything about it <3

Thank you so much for playing Emberfate! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game so much. <3 Positive comments like this make me really happy so thank you for taking the time to leave a nice review!!

You're welcome!! I think you should be so proud, im so in love with all the characters and the story as a whole. There are so many little details that make this simulator seem so real!! ❤️


hi! i fell in love with your game so much! and wow love how you can make everyone has a story of their own even though they are just side character! i adore all of the LIs, lamp! lamp and jim! so precious so cute!! i love them all ! thank you for making this game!! on a side note tho i already played chris and nathan routes but when i played khanyisa on day 4 when i picked up her call it show me this? thank you again btw!! 

Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game :D 

Oops, I'm not sure how that bug slipped through the cracks all this time, but I have just updated the game build on Itch.io that should include a fix to the bug. Sorry about that issue, and thank you for the report!

hi, yes i have the same glich.

Ween I want continue with mein Partide of day 6, in the screen jump te message Error, I tried with force recovery mode but i continue with the same problem.

I use the last vertion

I just updated the game build which should fix this issue again! Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for playing Emberfate!

I'm curious, so it states that Chris uses He/him or They/Them pronouns, does this mean that there's some sort of setting to switch their pronouns? I do prefer men but generally have no qualms romancing someone who uses they/them pronouns. I'm simply just curious because I would have no idea how to switch pronouns.


It just interchanges between them I'm pretty sure! 

I'm not 100% sure that's true.  I think the pronouns would be set to They/He, etc. I haven't seen the pronouns interchange once, but thank you for answering.

(1 edit) (+3)

Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate and your question. 

To answer your question: Chris' pronouns is not an option for the player to choose from, and there's no setting for you to toggle between referring to them as he/him or they/them. I've gone back to double check the script to confirm, and the narrative does use the two pronouns interchangeably, but they/them was probably used a bit more frequently!

Im just on day 2 and Im loving the characters they all have such unique personalities. Im so glad I found this game! Looking forward to the future of this game!!


Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it and liked the characters! :) The final episode (Day 8) for this game should be released for the public in early Jan, while Patrons will get it later this month, so hopefully that isn't too long of a wait! Haha. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your playthrough!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey! I'm having a little issue here. In day 6, I ignored Solitude's PM.. then I PANICKED I WAS LIKE NOOOO NOW I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY TO ME AM I IN TROUBLE so I loaded a savee I made right before their PM came in. But uhm, idk how to explain it really but it's like the chat from day 6 was there working as usual but the rest of the things on screen were from day 3 (i think??). Seconds later I got an error and had to close the game. Not sure if this happened to anyone else or if it's just me but I decided to put it here anyways just in case.

Same problem!

Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm sorry to hear you're encountering technical issues with the game. Admittedly that's... a really strange bug, and I've not been able to replicate it on my end while attempting to repeat the steps you mentioned.

You mentioned there was an error that popped up and you had to close the game -- would you happen to have a screenshot of the error message or remember what it said roughly? Additionally, if you still have that bugged save file, would it be possible to send the save file to me directly in private so I can test it personally and try to figure out the issue? I'm available on Discord at Windchimes#1995 if you'd like to send me the screenshot / save file in DMs (or need further directions on how to find the save file on your PC for sending)!

Again, really sorry about the inconvenience and issues. I'll try my best to investigate and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for the report! I think this bug is a different issue from the one mentioned by OP though, as it's not a bug triggered by loading an old save. It was also reported on Tumblr yesterday and I've already uploaded an updated version of the game that should include a fix to the bug. Please update your game files to the newest version and try and see if the issue remains. Thank you!

Everything is working good, thank you!

I deleted all my saves from the previous days and started all over again. Everything works like normal now!! It might have been a problem with my save files from the previous updates? idk..


Hmmm yeah that's really strange, I have no clue why that happened. But I'm glad to hear it works fine now, though I'm sorry that you had to start from scratch and spend time replaying 😭 Sorry about the issues, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

dw about it!! Emberfate is on my Favorites list, replaying it isn't a problem and I will probably do it a lot more in the future. <3

Hi ! I dowloaded the first demo some times ago and everything worked well but with the new demo I have a really hard time to succeed clicking on the answers. And on the game menu. Is anyone having the same problems and then the solution ? It's the mac version.

Hi! Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate your issue even after trying it on a Macbook. The code for the chat system and the game menu buttons wasn't really changed either between the original game jam demo and these newer version updates, so theoretically it shouldn't have broken anything.

I'm unsure what could be causing the issue, so all I can suggest at this point is potentially try a fresh clean install of the game to see if it fixes the issue.

Delete all previous downloaded builds of Emberfate,  then navigate to this location on your computer: $HOME/Library/RenPy/

If you see any folders called EmberfateTempestofElements, whether it's EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206 or EmberfateTempestofElementsDemo-1631333206, delete all the contents inside those Emberfate folders.

Then redownload the game and extract to a fresh new folder again.

Sorry about the strange issue, but thank you for your interest in Emberfate!

I'm so happy I found this gem! >w<  It was fun, and the characters felt so real. I'll DEFINITELY look forward to the next update!


Ahhh thank you so much for playing Emberfate!! I'm so happy to hear you liked it. Next update should be at the start of next month, so it's not too far away! Haha

(1 edit) (+1)

Trying out the new update because I am excited and love this game so far- but I have 0 of my saves and I assume it's a bug? Please help 

Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate. It looks like the 0.4.2 build had an error pointing to the wrong save directory on the computer -- please download the newest 0.4.3 build to see if the issue has been fixed.

Otherwise, you should be able to find your previous saves manually in:

  • Windows: %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206
  • Linux: $HOME/.renpy/EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206

You can then copy the saves over to the "saves" subfolder in the unzipped game folder. Then relaunch the game. The old saves should appear on the list again.

I apologize for the issues. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks for the answer.

Before seeing it I tested the last demo and it works perfectly. Maybe it was a specific problem in the old file which was corrected with the new file ? 

I don't know but it works and I have to say the game is amazing !

It really brings back memories of mmorpg and guilds problems ah, ah, ah.

On the game "game" part I always forget the mp with the potions before the first raid. Every time... Oups...

Anyway, I'll try to follow the steps of the resolution you described if I have a new problem with a future update. Thanks again !!!!!

I'm sorry, I posted it under the wrong reply... 

Hello! I don't know if i'm doing something wrong but on day 4 when I finish the chat with DoNotDisturb about Kumiko chan and after that finish up with the guild and realm chats, the game just kinda,,, stops. So I don't know what to do because in the hints section it says handle any PMs received and complete the convos in any private messages received, but I have already done that? So the game just ends there. I also replayed the whole game again and it yet again just freezes at the same spot.

(3 edits)

Hi! Sorry to hear about the issues -- I admit this is the first time I've received a report of that bug, so I'm not sure exactly what's causing it. If possible, please provide more information on the issue -- screenshots of the spot where it stops, as well as the guild & realm chat and private messages window at that point, would be appreciated! If possible, please also let me know what your previous decisions / choices were for (a) whether you or Ali would be doing the recruitment (b) how you responded to HermitCrab's application to join (c) how you responded to Sorcerer's chat about his brother wanting to join.

EDIT: I just uploaded a new build of the game to Itch.io with an attempt to fix the issue. Please update the game and load a Day 4 save file with Force Recovery Mode on (which should put you at the start of Day 4) and try to get back to the point where the game stops and see if you're still unable to progress. Please let me know if the problem persists!

For more detailed support / troubleshooting, please consider joining our Discord server and private messaging me directly! It'd be easier to be able to identify what's causing the problem that way. 

Thank you for playing Emberfate, and I'm very sorry for the unexpected bugs!

Thank you! I downloaded the new build and now eveything is fine. :)

(1 edit)

Okay so I loaded my previous file just fine, and hung out with Chris (I saved it at the route branch off) and everything was fine until after the hang-out was done.  It gives me a hint to finish all chats and I did, I've tried loading and reloading saves but nothing changes- Also I don't get the option to say no to Khnayisa and after I select Chris route the one option I got dissapears. I am really confused and have no idea what i'm doing :,)

Edit: Okay I fixed it!! I needed the force loading aaa- Nathan was just fine so I didn't think anything was wrong but I guess not

(2 edits)

Please try reloading the save file with Force Recovery Mode enabled, which would bring you back to the start of Day 3 chapter. You'd have to replay the portions from start of Day 3 leading up to the route branch, but I'm fairly certain that it should fix the problem you're having which is due to incompatibility of old saves. The save point you made for the save file is after where I added new code to fix an issue where players are softblocked from progression by saying No to every single love interest, which affects how the No option is displayed during the route branching for the last love interest to respond to. 

Please let me know after trying that to see if it works. I apologize for the issues. Thank you for playing Emberfate!

I have an inquiry about picking a romance option on day 3, see i am able to pick either Khanyisa or Chris as a route, but Nathan is unavailable to me for some reason. I'm simply wondering if there are choices in game that determine this, or if his route is supposed to be an option no matter what and this is unintentional?

Whether a romance option is available for you to choose their route on Day 3 depends on your previous choices while interacting with the character in Day 1 and 2. The threshold requirement you need to meet in terms of relationship points with the love interest before their route is available in Day 3 is the same for all three love interests, but difficulty in getting that may vary. Thank you for playing Emberfate!

ah i see, thank you for answering!


I had to make an account after being a silent lurker because daaamn this is good! 

i love love love all the choices we can make, the interface is super cool and realistic (it must have been a lot of work to design it and make it work!), and everyone seems  so... real :) 

all the characters have their own personalities (including some that irk me, i'm looking at you Zeke) and they feel really fleshed-out. a lot of them have my heart and affection besides the romance options (Names, Type, Uncle, Ruby, Cat, Lamp, Ali, Muse and Jim just to name a few <3 absolute sweethears love them)

I can't wait to see more of this (and Chris. love Chris.)! good luck and best wishes to the devs, you're doing an amazing work <3

Thank you so much for playing Emberfate and leaving such a glowing review!! I'm so glad to hear the game offers a realistic experience since that's definitely my first goal — and even the annoying characters can actually evoke annoyance LOL

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue your journey (and romance Chris some more! ;) haha) Thank you so much again for the kind comment! It really does warm my heart knowing my creations can entertain players :D

Does anyone have the issue that they can't click anything? When I get the first prompt to select a dialogue option, nothing happens. :/ I tried restarting and redownloading too.

Thanks for checking out the game! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems playing. Unfortunately, I'm unable to replicate the error you're describing on my end, and I haven't received reports of this issue before either. Can you please give me more details on what the issue is, where exactly it took place, and what you were doing? If possible, please attach a screenshot as well. Thank you!

Game Screenshot - Bug?

Unable to select dialogue options
Thanks for responding! I can pick my name/class, but as soon as I get to the first dialogue option, I can't click any of the options. The option will highlight, but when I click it nothing happens. I've tried clicking all the options, and nothing happened. Not sure if it's helpful, but included a screenshot from when I tried to play again today.

Hi! Thanks for the reply, and sorry again for the technical issues.

Is this your first time playing Emberfate, or did you play the old demo previously of Day 1-2?

Upon the first playthrough of this v0.2.1 build, a tutorial should be there at the start of the game. This is what it looks like on my end when I run the game, but that appears to be missing from your screenshot. Can you confirm whether you've played through the tutorial once before? Were the previous tutorial tips showing up before the first dialogue choice point?

If possible, please go into Settings and check if there's a Tutorial Hints setting that can be toggled on and off. It theoretically should not be in the Settings menu until you've played through the start of the game (i.e. finish the tutorial) once, but if it's there, please check to see if it's turned on or off.

Another thing you can do if to delete all persistent data and save files for Emberfate. Check in the following location:

  • Windows: %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/
  • Linux: $HOME/.renpy/

If you see any folders called EmberfateTempestofElements, whether it's

EmberfateTempestofElementsPublic-1631333206 or

EmberfateTempestofElementsDemo-1631333206, delete all the contents inside those Emberfate folders. 

Then delete all previous extracted game folders of the game, including past builds. And redownload and re-extract the game to a different folder again. 

If none of those work, if you have a Discord account, please consider joining our Discord server (https://discord.gg/S3pgGyv) and then sending me a PM. It'll be easier to troubleshoot and try to figure out what the issue is in a direct conversation. 

Apologies again for the strange bug. Thank you for your patience!

Deleting the files in the %AppData\Roaming\RenPy\ folder worked! Thank you! And it was my first time playing and the tutorial did pop up. I think it's just one of those random things, haha. Again, thank you so much! 

lmao as a person that has played many MMORPG, I can confirm this is true, especially the pain of raiding with a large team. Looking for more in the next update. <3


LOL I definitely took inspiration from my own MMORPG experiences as well for this game's story arcs / drama, so I'm glad to hear they come off as realistic!

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue reliving your MMORPG days! Thank you so much for playing Emberfate!

the amount of love and dedication that this CLEARLY has :') I'm so happy I found it <3 good luck with the development!! I'm looking forward for the next updates.

Take care 💖 

Thank you so much!!! I really do love this game and pour my heart into creating this, so I'm so happy to hear that it shows through the game.

The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now if you want to continue playing! Thank you for playing Emberfate!

AGGHH just finished day 3 and i must say it was sooo fun to play this!! can't wait for day 4!

Hahah thank you so much for playing Emberfate! I'm glad to hear you had fun playing it, though I'm sorry for making players wait between episodes. The newest episode for Day 4 content is out now, so I hope you'll enjoy it if you get the chance to play it!

This is amazing! Had a ton of fun, the only thing was I couldn't keep up with all the chats, but I guess that is what would be expected since this is supposed to be similar to if you were in an actual RPG game!

It just lost me when the whole Bard thing happened, but can't wait for the full game!

Thank you for playing Emberfate!

I'm sorry to hear the chats got overwhelming — I've had some similar comments before, so I'm trying to be mindful of it when writing future episodes so less parallel conversations happen at once.

You can also always pause the chats and ignore the other conversations to focus on only one at a time if that helps! There's no time limit on answering conversations, and they don't progress until you make a choice, so you can always take as much time as you need to go through each chat! 

I'm so sorry for the wait, but the full version should be out in 4 more months (one episode released a month)! Though Patreon would get early access and receive the final episode in November, if that's something that interests you~ Thank you again for your interest in Emberfate!


Great idea and wonderful characters (and Chris' voice, oh my god...). Can't wait to see the full version!

Thank you so much! (I see we have yet another player who couldn't resist the charm of Chris' voice.... hahaha)

I'm so sorry for the wait, but the full version should be out in 4 more months (one episode released a month)! Though Patreon would get early access and receive the final episode in November, if that's something that interests you~

Thank you again for your interest in Emberfate!


AAA this demo is great, I can't wait for the full game to come out

Thank you for playing the demo!! I'm glad to hear you liked it!

The newest episode (Day 3 content) is out now if you haven't tried that yet! There'll be a new episode released at the start of every month, so you don't have to wait as long as the full game's release if you want new content now!  :D

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